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Help yourself while helping others.

The purpose of the HOPE Center Teen Leadership Board is to raise awareness about the mission and programs of the HOPE Center Teen Leadership Board and to provide opportunities to participate in projects to help feed needy families.

We’re currently not accepting applications. Please check back at a future date!

Responsibilities / Requirements

In addition to having completed the 9th grade, Teen Leadership Board applicants must:

Complete the Teen Leadership Board application below.
Be able to attend the orientation.
Commit to attend 8 of the 10 meetings.

Meeting Requirements

Meetings will be held each month. The time will be determined after selection of the board.
More than two absences may result in dismissal from the Teen Leadership Board.
Members must be willing to meet with committee members outside of HOPE Center as when necessary.
Must be able to work as a team, be a good communicator, and be willing to put in time beyond meeting dates if necessary.

Application & Interview Tips & Hints

Application period is open until April 22, 2016.
Please complete your own application. Don’t have mom or dad or friends fill it out for you. This is your application and your responsibility.
 Please follow up by email to verify that your application was received.
You will be contacted by email. Your email will indicate the time and date for the interview. If you have a schedule conflict, please call as soon as possible to re-schedule. Please do not have your parents call to schedule the interview. This is your responsibility.
Be on time to your interview.
Dress appropriately for the interview.
You may be interviewed by a panel of interviewers. So come prepared!
You will be notified if you have been accepted on the Teen Board.

The Teen Leadership Board (TLB) is a great learning experience. Many of the guest speakers and activities are designed to create a team of individuals who are working for the best interest of those who are unable to help themselves. TLB members can earn community service hours for school or service club requirements from a not-for-profit organization in supervised settings and activities. Verification of volunteer hours will be provided and, if requested, letters of recommendation to colleges or employers will also be made available to TLB members in good standing.

Teen Board members must be mature, responsible, compassionate teens who enjoy working with people and making new friends. TLB members will serve a one year term from June 1 through May 31 and are asked to attend a minimum of 8 meetings to complete training and to participate in planning and completion of projects. Meetings will be held once a month in the evening and other activities may take place at additional times. Teens will not work directly with clients.

Please carefully consider whether  you are ready to apply for the Teen Leadership Board. Visit with your parents. It is a commitment and we expect a lot from you. The reward of knowing you contributed to feeding and clothing your neighbors in your community will be priceless. You will make a difference on this board.

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