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  • 1. Treat each client as I would like to be treated, with kindness, patience, and respect, and not to discriminate according to the Civil Rights Act.
    2. Work to promote, recognize, and defend the welfare of others who are less fortunate and to respect the confidentiality of all information gained in the course of volunteer work.
    3. Be reliable in working my assigned time, understanding that others are depending on me and to do my best to notify the office when unable to work my assigned time. HOPE Center is a project of the Edmond Ministerial Alliance. Our center was organized by the churches of Edmond to more effectively respond to people in emergency situations.

    The goal of HOPE Center is to help people in such a way as to encourage the individual to change the circumstances that brought about the crisis and thereby prevent problems in the future. The motto of HOPE Center is “Love our Neighbor”.

    A large amount of the work at HOPE Center is accomplished by volunteers. You are our greatest resource. We agree to treat you with respect and dignity and to honor your commitment to helping others. In return, you will receive the personal satisfaction of helping and serving those less fortunate.

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