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HOPE Center of Edmond was organized in April 1984 to meet a community need for a central agency to provide social services. The Center was developed by the Edmond Ministerial Alliance, an interdenominational council of churches, with volunteers and a grant from theEdmond Women’s Club. The purpose of the HOPE Center is to meet the basic needs of members in the Edmond and Arcadia community.

Our organization is funded through private donations and grants. Our only fundraising activity each year is the Samaritan Fund Drive sponsored by the Edmond Sun in December. Many of the churches in Edmond contribute regularly. We also apply for grants whenever we can. Our only other regular source of funding is HOPEfully Yours, our resale shop. Clothing and household items that aren’t needed for clients are sold, and the proceeds are used to help fund our prenatal clinic and purchase fresh food items for our food pantry. Our community continues to support HOPE through food drives and volunteer hours.


HOPE Center has been providing assistance to members of the Edmond community since 1984. Our name is our mission: Helping Our People in Emergencies. Our mission is to meet the basic needs of the people in our community who are having personal emergencies or crises. It is difficult enough to ask for help, but imagine how hard it would be to have to go to every church in town to get enough assistance to pay a utility bill. The combined support of many of the churches, businesses, and individuals in the community means that we have the resources to provide food, clothing and utility assistance from a single community agency.

Daily Operations

Each week around 180 volunteers rotate shifts and assist staff. They are members of churches, Scout groups, university clubs, social clubs and service clubs; high school students, college students, and retirees. HOPE’s Board of Directors determines the agency’s goals and guidelines, and formulates the annual budget. HOPE Center of Edmond is a non-profit, equal opportunity agency that practices non-discrimination concerning age, race, sex, religion, national origin or handicap. Any grievances concerning discrimination should be written and mailed to J. Chrislyn Sperry MBA, Executive Director or Karan Ediger, Chairman, PO Box 2915 Edmond, Oklahoma 73083.


Karan Ediger


Jeff Massad

Vice Chairman

Robyn Heerwagen 

Past Chairman

Luke Munson


Richard K. Books

Other Members

Ann Bonsteel  Deb Cardoza • Brenda Chambers • Michelle Friedel • Kandy Hadley • Reba John • Ron McCaslin • Susan Parks-Schlepp • Randel Shadid • Chris Shorow

35 Years of Service

The uncertainty of life is probably the major factor necessitating the need for an agency like HOPE. Most people live and make do as long as nothing extraordinary happens to them. However, for most of our clients, it only takes one seemingly small event to disrupt their lives. If their vehicle breaks, they can’t afford the repairs and they lose their job; or a child gets sick they have to take unpaid days from work and then have to decide how to pay the extra expenses of doctor’s bills and prescription costs on less than they usually earn. The harsh reality of a hungry child or an eviction notice or utility cut off can cause panic or hopelessness for anyone. We hope that our services help our clients avoid such situations. Most of HOPE Center’s clients are people who work hard to provide for themselves and their families but find themselves in desperate situations. We strive to treat each client of our agency with respect and kindness and help them resolve their emergencies.

The longevity and success of the HOPE Center are a direct result of conservative management, judicious planning, and a serious commitment to accountability. Each contribution and donation is used carefully to provide the greatest benefit for clients. Keeping administrative overhead as low as possible is another way the agency maximizes its resources. This ongoing dedication to fiscal responsibility has enabled HOPE Center to continue to provide quality services to clients for so many years.

The staff and directors of HOPE are very conscious of the trust and confidence that the community has in the agency. Accordingly, we feel that it is important to provide the community a summary of HOPE Center’s audited financial information. The charts below show how we fulfill our mission, while operating in an efficient and transparent manner. Dedication to the community, sound financial management and a commitment to accountability are the key values that make the HOPE Center a responsible agency.

FY 2018 Annual Report
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